Lexicon: aloft – also

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aloft, adv. [ON á lopt, in air, atmosphere, heaven, upper story, loft.] (webplay: ground).

Elevated; dignified; ennobled; exalted; uplifted; on high; in the air; above the earth and its affairs.

alone, adv. [ME alane; see all, adv. and one, adj.; completely by one's self.] (webplay: all, company, condition, itself, man, name, one, only, place, present, remain, separate, single, solitary, suffer, two, without).

  1. Isolated; secluded; unattended; without companions; as the only one; with no one else present.
  2. Lonely; lonesome; forlorn; friendless; desolate; solitary; abandoned.
  3. Vulnerable; defenseless; unprotected.
  4. Otherwise unaccompanied; amongst ourselves only; together but separate from any others; near to each other but away from the company of other people.
  5. Only; solely; exclusively; without other factors.
  6. By itself; on its own volition.
  7. Phrase. “All alone”: totally by oneself; completely solitary.

along, adv. [OE and-lang, in a direction opposite + long, lengthwise; see long, adj.] (webplay: all along, along with, come along, distance, motion, progressive, way).

  1. Onward; ahead; forth; progressively forward.
  2. Phrase. “Bear along”: carry; transport; have in hand; hold as a possession.
  3. Phrase. “All along”: gradually; continually; step by step; as part of a process; the whole time.

along, prep. [see along, adv.] (webplay: all along, come, distance, line, way).

According to; in correspondence with; in the path of; following the direction of.

aloof, adv. [a + Dutch loef, to the windward side.] (webplay: small).

Apart; separate; detached; removed; up in the air; at a distance above; [fig.] unapproachable; above in superiority.

aloud, adv. [a + OE hlúd.]

  1. Outwardly; openly; publicly; externally; physically.
  2. Noisily; boldly; conspicuously.

alphabet, n. [L. < Gk alpha + beta.] (webplay: book, learner).

  1. Letters; script; writing; penmanship; printing; basic units of written language.
  2. Simplest sounds of language; [fig.] first teachings; fundamental roots; basic principles; primary elements; key to knowledge; introductory Bible stories.

Alpine, proper adj. [L.; see Alps, proper n.] (webplay: high, snow).

Towering; lofty; great like the European mountain range; [fig.] elevated; noble; magnificent; pure; demanding; high-minded.

Alps, proper n. [Fr. < L. alpēs < Celtic 'white' or alp, rock, cliff, mountain.] (webplay: Switzerland).

Largest mountain range in Europe; chain of mountains in Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, France, and Slovenia; [fig.] symbol of eternity; emblem of power; (see ED letters).

also, adv. [OE al + swá, all + so.] (webplay: all, like, so, where).

  1. Furthermore; moreover.
  2. Too; as well; in addition; additionally.
  3. Likewise; besides; in the same manner.