Lexicon: aspiring – assent

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aspiring, verbal adj. [see aspire, v.]

Ambitious; determined; steadfast; resolute; faithful; eagerly desiring; hopeful of obtaining something better.

assassin, n. [Fr. < L. < Arab. hashshāsh, hashish-eater, one who intoxicates himself with hemp plant in preparing to kill a king or public servant.] (webplay: God, surprise, unarmed).

  1. Professional killer; murderer; one who kills by surprise or secret attack; gunman who shoots to kill.
  2. Destroyer; finisher; means of termination or elimination.
  3. Frost; [fig.] freezing temperatures; cold weather; conditions cold enough to kill plants.

assault, n. [OFr < L. *adsaltus, leap.]

  1. Ravishment; deflowering; sexual conquest; [fig.] pollenation; transfer of pollen from flower to flower by a bee.
  2. Attack; violent onset.

assault, v. [OFr < L. ad, to + saltāre, leap, spring.]

Attack; criticize; malign; denigrate; reproach; vilify; verbally abuse.

assaulted, verbal adj. [see assault, v.]

Besieged; assailed; recently attacked.

assaulting, verbal adj. [see assault, v.]

Bothersome; troublesome.

assemble (-ed), v. [OFr < L. ad, to + simul, together.]

Meet; gather; come together.

assembling, verbal n. [see assemble, v.]

Celebration; jubilee; festivity; festival; assembly; wedding reception; marriage gathering; nuptial party; gathering of family, friends, and guests; [fig.] funeral; leave-taking; memorial service; departure to a new life; farewell for a deceased female.

assembly (assemblies), n. [see assemble, v.] (webplay: room).

  1. Congregation; multitude; throng; group of people; collection of individuals; [fig.] company of angels; gathering of deceased people in the spirit world.
  2. Menagerie; group of creatures.
  3. Family gathering.
  4. Collection of parts.

assent, v. [OFr < L. ad, to + sentīre, feel, perceive, think.] (webplay: sense).

Agree; yield; concede; concur; give in; conform in practice; [possible word play on “ascent”.]