Lexicon: arrogance – artifice

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arrogance, n. [Fr. < L. arrogāntem, assuming, overbearing, insolent.] (webplay: degree, taking).

  1. Pride; haughtiness; exaggerated self-importance.
  2. Indifference; aloofness; insensibility; lack of concern.

arrogant, adj. [see arrogance, n.]

  1. Proud; haughty; bold; brash; brazen; presumptuous; self-important; [fig.] bright; gaudy; colorful.
  2. Superior; overbearing; boastful; bragging; inflated; bombastic; [fig.] windy; stormy; blustery.

arrogantly, adv. [see arrogance, n.]

Haughtily; proudly; indifferently; in a manner full of self-importance; [fig.] coldly; heavily; without feeling.

arrow (-s), n. [OE arhwe, thing belonging to the bow.] (webplay: bow, God, shot, straight).

  1. Impact; shock; object that arouses feelings; instrument which inflicts pain or sorrow; [fig.] mortal blow; cause of death.
  2. Missile; pointed stick; flying weapon of offense; straight, slender, barbed object that an archer sends out from a bow; [fig.] intention; aim; prayer; plea; entreaty; request; keen desire.
  3. Passion; ardor; romantic attachment.

art (-s), n. [OFr < L. ars, to fit.] (webplay: acquired, building, can, experience, grow, hands, human, making, man, mind, nature, painting, poetry, power, science, second, serving, skill, things).

  1. Gift; talent; genius; aesthetic sensibility; mastery of dance, music, painting, or other enhancing skills.
  2. Trade; craft; set of rules which enables one to create.
  3. Ability; power; competence; faculty; that which enables one to perform various tasks.
  4. Technique; method; procedure; approach; strategy.
  5. Decoration; embellishment; [fig.] natural beauty.

art, v. [L. es-, be, exist.] Suppletion form of the verb “be”; the singular second-person present-tense form.

  1. [Used for the copula.]
  2. [Used for the lexical verb, indicating location or existence.]
  3. [Used for the progressive.]

arterial, adj. [see artery, n.] (webplay: inner, outer).

Capillary; venous; having a network of blood vessels; [fig.] living; animate; [word play on “art”] artistic; elaborate; elegant; exquisite; beautiful and intricate in substance.

artery, n. [L. < Gk 'raise, lift up' or 'air'.] (webplay: blood, heart, lung, motion, name, vein, venous, wind-pipe).

  1. Outgoing blood channel; major blood vessel; main tube carrying blood from the heart; [fig.] source of life; means of existence.
  2. Red line; [fig.] colorful woods; scene of trees having red leaves.

article (-s), n. [Fr. < L. artus, joint < ar-, join.] (webplay: specific).

  1. [Legal term] statement; provision; item in a contract; clause in a written document.
  2. Thing; element; material; substance; skin; piece of cloth; [fig.] being; creature; entity.

artifice, n. [Fr. < L. arti, art + ficium, making.] (webplay: skill).

Sham; superficiality; contrived strategy; ingenious agenda.