Lexicon: anonymous – anthracite

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anonymous, adv. [see anonymous, adj.]

Unknown; unseen; [fig.] quietly; unobtrusively.

another, adj. [OE an, one + other.] (webplay: any, bear, love one another, more, name, one, opposite, own, praise, thing).

  1. A second; one more; an additional; a corresponding.
  2. A subsequent.

another ('s), pron. [see another, adj.] (webplay: any, bear, different, kind, love, one another, one more, opposition, praise, request, thee, way).

  1. One similar; one alike.
  2. Someone else; not oneself.
  3. Phrase. “One another's”: each other's; both persons'.

answer, n. [OE andswaru, solemn affirmation to rebut a charge < and-, against + swerian, to swear.] (webplay: bear, call, continent, distance, face, God, heart, noise, question, return, speech, sufficient).

  1. Reaction; action in response to an action.
  2. Reply; response to a question.
  3. Communication; [fig.] glance; meaningful look.

answer (-ed, -ing), v. [see answer, n.] (webplay: face, features, friend, God, man, pay, prayer, question, reply, sounds of birds, speech).

  1. Suffice for; be appropriate for; be suitable for.
  2. Explain; defend.
  3. Respond to an action.
  4. Respond to; reply to a question.

a'nt, v. [negative contraction of the 3rd person singular form of “be”.]

Ain't; isn't; is not.

antedate (-s), v. [L. ante, before + data, given.]

Accelerate; hasten; hurry; come early; arrive quickly; appear before the expected time.

antelope, n. [OFr < L. < Gk.]

Graceful four-legged animal; deer-like horned ruminant; goat-like quadruped; creature having speed, grace, agility, and beautiful black eyes [favorite image of Eastern poets.]

anterior, adj. [L. 'fore', 'former'.]

  1. Antecedent; previous; prior.
  2. First; earlier; original; past; more important.

anthracite, adv. [Gk 'coal-like'.]

Like charcoal; like a dark, shiny, metallic fossil fuel; like a mineral that with heat, pressure, and time can become a diamond; [fig.] cold now but having the potential to create light and warmth; [allusion] see Mitchell's Reveries of a Bachelor.