Lexicon: terrene – test

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terrene, adj. [L. 'earth'.]

  1. Earthly; worldly; of this world.
  2. Pertaining to land; related to the ground; stemming from the earth.

terrestial, adj. [variant spelling; see terrestrial, adj.]

terrestrial, adj. [L. terrestri < terra, the earth.]

  1. Earthly; pertaining to the third planet from the sun.
  2. Mortal; human; worldly.
  3. Round; globe-like; shaped like the earth.

terrible (-r), adj. [Fr. 'to frighten'.]

Horrible; frightful; dreadful; awful; frightening.

terrible (-r), adv. [see terrible, adj.]

Horribly; dreadfully.

territory (-ies), n. [L. 'the land round a town, a domain, district, territory'.]

  1. Domain; area inhabited by an animal.
  2. Place; site; location; area of land or sky.
  3. Land; ground gained or lost during warfare.

terror (-'s), n. [ME < L. 'to frighten'.]

  1. Extreme fright; paralyzing fear.
  2. Burden.

terse, adj. [L. 'clean; to wipe'.]

Strict; regimented in character.

terse, adv. [see terse, adj.]

Brief; clipped; crisp; curt; concise; curtailed; with strength and steadiness.

test, n. [OFr < L. 'a pot'.]

  1. Trial; evaluation; examination; means of determining quality; method of evaluating completeness.
  2. Opposition; basis for comparison.
  3. Judgment; assessment; deciding factor.
  4. Experiment; evidence; determination; ascertaining; finding a conclusion.
  5. Critique; standard of worthiness.