Lexicon: transaction – transit

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transaction, n. [L. transactiōn-em.]

Effort; labor; exertion; motion.

transatlantic, adj. [L. transatlantique.] (webplay: beyond).

Eastern; across the Atlantic to the east.

transcend (-ing), v. [L. tran(s)scend-ere, to climb.]

Surpass; go beyond.

transcendental, adj. [L.] (webplay: climb).

Surpassing; preeminent; excellent; transforming; experiential; existential; supernatural; metaphysical; philosophical, as in the ideas of Aristotle, Kant, and Emerson; [fig.] boundless; timeless; eternal.

transfer, v. [Fr. transfèr-er.]

Convey; transport; communicate; pass along.

transfigure (-ed), v. [L. transfigūrāre, to change the shape of.]

Change; transform.

transfuse, v. [L. transfus, to pour.]

Remove; convey away.

transgression, n. [Fr. < L. trans, across + gradi, to step.]

Sin; error; passing over a boundary; [fig.] transition from life to death.

transient, adj. [L. transiens, to go across.]

Fleeting; short-lived; quickly passing.

transit, n. [L. transit-us.]

  1. Transition; [fig.] passage of the sun across the western horizon at sunset.
  2. Transport; process of shipment; conveyance from one place to another.