Lexicon: three – thrill

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three, adj. [OE þrí.]

  1. One more than two in quantity; one plus one plus one; [written form for the numeral 3.]
  2. Number of times that a person will surface before drowning.

three, n. [see three, adj.]

  1. Two plus one.
  2. Phrase. “two or three”: a small number; a few people.
  3. Phrase. “Half past Three”: 3:30 p.m.; 15:00 on the clock; mid-afternoon time marking.
  4. Phrase. “Three score and Ten”: seventy (70) years of age.

threescore, adj. [OE scoru, notch, tally, the number of twenty.]

Phrase. “at threescore and ten”: sixty plus ten years old; seventy (70) years of age.

threnody (-ies), n. [Gk 'dirge'.]

Dirge; lament; requiem; funeral song; haunting melody; [fig.] bird call.

threshold, n. [OE.]

Stoop; entry; portal; wooden doorstep; entrance to a habitation; [fig.] nest.

threw, v. [see throw, v.]

thrice, adv. [ME.]

Three times; on three occasions; one more than two.

thrift, n. [see thrive, v.]

Economy; efficiency; providence; spending limits; effective management; careful handling of resources; [fig.] limitations of mortality.

thrifty, adj. [see thrift, n.]

Frugal; careful; economical; provident.

thrill, n. [see thrill, v.]

Exhilaration; excitement; exaltation; ecstasy; enchantment; delight; transport of feeling; sense of great pleasure.