Lexicon: trouble – truly

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trouble (-d, troubling, -s), v. [L. turbulare.]

  1. Agitate; disturb; put into confused motion.
  2. Perplex; tease.
  3. Afflict; grieve, distress; vex, molest.

troubled, verbal adj. [see trouble, v.]

  1. Restless; difficult; perplexed; discomforting; unsettling; [fig.] stormy; turbulent; tempest-tossed; ill at ease.
  2. Pounding; throbbing; fluttering; palpitating; pulsing quicker than usual; beating faster than normal; off the regular beat; [fig.] stirred with emotion.

trough (-s), n. [OE trog.]

Ditch; channel; hollow that carries water; depression between waves.

troupe, n. [Fr.; see troop, n.]

Company; band; group of dancers; corp de ballet.

trowsers, n. [Ir.]

Pants; breeches; pantaloons; [fig.] fabric; material; stuff; [metaphor] colored clouds; sunrise hues.

trudge (trudging), v. [unknown.]

March; travel by foot; [pejorative sense] plod; move slowly; walk with heavy feet; [ameliorative sense] persist in spite of difficulty.

trudging, verbal adj. [see trudge, v.]

Heavy; plodding; moving with difficulty; [fig.] bare; cold; frozen; tired; poorly shod; [ameliorative sense] relentless; unflagging; slow but steady; persistent in spite of difficulty.

true (-r, -est), adj. [Sax. treow, faithful, faith, trust.]

  1. Honest; honorable; upright; virtuous; trustworthy; sincere; not deceitful; truthful in actions; unfeigned in feelings; free from falsehood.
  2. Authentic; reliable; dependable; trustworthy.
  3. Real; verifiable; not false; not pretended; realized in actual experience; actually to be fulfilled.
  4. Genuine; pure; real; rightly answering to the description; not counterfeit, adulterated, false, spurious, or imaginary.
  5. Steadfast; loyal; faithful; constant; firm in allegiance.
  6. Conformable to fact; according to reality; in accordance with the actual state of things.
  7. Straight; right.
  8. Exact; precise; conformable; according.

truffled, adj. [possibly Fr.]

Fleshy; plump; round; rotund; edible; succulent.

truly, adv. [see true, adj.]

In fact; in deed; in reality; speaking truthfully.