Lexicon: thirst – tho

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thirst, n. [OE ├żurst.]

  1. Dehydration; dryness; need of water; lack of liquids to drink.
  2. Need; longing; intense desire.

thirst (-ed), v. [OE.]

Experience lack of water; [fig.] die physically; perish spiritually; experience poverty of spirit (see Revelation 7:16).

thirsting, verbal n. [see thirst, v.]

Longing; intense need; [fig.] desire for righteousness (see Matthew 5:6).

thirsty, adj. [OE.]

Needing water; lacking hydration; wanting some liquid to drink; [fig.] spiritually needy; longing for truth; seeking enlightenment; desirous of living water (see John 4:10).

thirsty, n. [see thirsty, adj.]

Invalid; fever victim; person in need of refreshment.

this, adv. [OE.]

Phrase. “like this”: in this way; in this manner.

this, demonstrative adj. [see this, demonstrative pron.; specifies the one immediately relevant.]

The known; the indicated.

this, demonstrative pron. [OE.]

The one indicated.

thither, adv. [OE.]

There; to that place.

tho (tho'), conj. [OE; see though, conj. and although, conj.]