Lexicon: tribulation – trill

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tribulation, n. [OFr tribulacion, to press, afflict.]

Suffering; adversity; persecution; great affliction (see Matthew 13:21); [fig.] martyrdom (see Revelation 7:14).

tribunal, n. [L. tribūnāl.]

Court; place of judgment.

trick, n. [OFr trique, deceit, treachery, cheating.]

  1. Hand of cards counted as a unit for scoring purposes in a game; [phrase “take a trick”] win a single round in a game of cards.
  2. Prank; joke.
  3. Artifice; deception.

tried, n. [see try, v.]

Mourner; person refined by grief; one who has passed through a trial.

tried, v. [see try, v.]

tries, v. [see try, v.]

trifle (-s), n. [OFr trufle.]

  1. Mote; small particle; thing of little importance.
  2. Phrase. “A trifle”: [functions as adverb] shortly; a little; to a small extent.

trifling, adj. [see trifle, n.]

Small; trivial; worthless; inconsequential; of little importance.

trigger, n. [Du. trekker.]

Firing mechanism of a gun.

trill (-ed), v. [It. trillare.]

Quaver; warble; whistle; make a tremulous musical sound.