Lexicon: thesis – thief

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thesis (-es), n. [Gk 'putting, placing; a proposition, affirmation'.]

Theory; hypothesis; reason; syllogism; logical proposition; empirical research question; statement of fact.

Thessaly, proper n. [Illyrian origin, meaning unknown.]

Salonika; Thessalonika; Modern Greek Thessalía; home of the Thessalonians in the Bible; region of northern Greece south of Macedonia; [fig.] healing; refreshment; restoration.

thew (-s), n. [OE þéaw, usage, custom, habit.]

Brawn; sinew; musculature.

they (they'd, they'll, they're), pron. [ON; third person plural form borrowed into OE; see also their, theirs, them, themself, and themselves]

  1. The ones previously mentioned [anaphoric reference; in 1/1 “they” refers back to the “bee” and the “flower”].
  2. People in general; a non-specified group of people; a specific group of people from a certain place, time, or context relevant to the poem [exophoric reference; in 6/24 “they” refers to non-specified people not mentioned in the text].
  3. The ones mentioned next [cataphoric reference; in 868/908 “they” refers forward to the “Darlings of the Soil”].

they'd, v. [see they, pron.]

They would.

they'll, v. [see they, pron.]

  1. They will [future].
  2. They shall [desire].

they're, v. [see they, pron.]

They are.

thick (-er, -est), adj. [OE þicce, beside.]

  1. Crowded; dense; close; tight; multitudinous.
  2. Clouded; murky; turbid; shadowy; [fig.] lifeless.

thick, adv. [OE þicce, beside.]

Compactly; densely; amassed; accumulated.

thief, n. [OE < Lith. tupēti, crouch down.]

  1. Robber; crook; one who steals.
  2. One of the two men crucified with Jesus Christ; (see Luke 23:42-43).