Lexicon: trade – train

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trade (-s), n. [MLG trade.] (webplay: commerce).

  1. Commerce; exchange of commodities; business of bartering.
  2. Business; occupation; employment; profession.
  3. Custom; habit; occupation.
  4. Traffic; profit; bartering; business deal; commercial matter; money-handling; [fig.] worldliness; that which is profane.

tradition (-s, -'s), n. [OFr tradicion, delivery, surrender, handing down, instruction, doctrine.] (webplay: word).

  1. Custom; practice passed through generations; proper mode of behavior; correct way of being.
  2. Legend; fairy tale; story passed down through generations.
  3. Entity of long ago; something remembered only through legends; thing which no longer exists.
  4. Folk wisdom.

traffic, n. [Fr. trafique.] (webplay: merchantmen).

Commerce; trade; exchange of goods.

trafficking, verbal adj. [see traffic, n.]

Commercial; trading; bartering; exchange.

tragedy, n. [OFr tragedie.] (webplay: action, dramatic, human, lives).

  1. Drama; dramatic performance involving a catastrophic event; [fig.] fatality; death of a protagonist.
  2. Misfortune; mournful event; adverse condition.

tragic, adj. [L.]

Sad; sorrowful; dreadful; fatal; ironic.

trail (-ed), v. [OE trægelian.] (webplay: draw along, lower).

Drag; draw across the ground.

trailing, adj. [see trail, v.] (webplay: walk).

Following; drawn behind.

train (-s), n. [Fr. traîne.] (webplay: depart, instruction, note, strategem, taught).

  1. Streamer; flag; banner drawn behind.
  2. Tail; something drawn behind.
  3. Length; great distance.
  4. Series; procession; retinue.
  5. Locomotive; means of transportation; procession of railroad cars pulled by an engine.
  6. Funeral procession.

train (-ed), v. [ME traîn-er.]

Teach; develop through discipline and practice.