Lexicon: toss – toward

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toss (-ed, -es, -ing, tost), v. [unknown Norw. and Sw. dialect tossa, to spread, strew.]

  1. Fling; cast; throw down.
  2. Stir; struggle; agitate; wrestle; thrash about; pitch back and forth.
  3. Bob; undulate; ride the current; move up and down.
  4. Swing; sway; sweep; fling; whirl; [fig.] move by leaping.
  5. Dispose of; throw away; cast off.
  6. Add; contribute.

tost, v. [see toss, v.]

total (-ler), adj. [see total, n.]

Fuller; comprehensive; consummate; more complete.

total, n. [Fr. total.]

  1. Completeness; totality; overwhelming absorption.
  2. Soul; entire self; wholeness of body, mind, heart, and spirit.

totalness, n. [see total, n.]

Entirety; completeness; whole manifestation.

totter (-ed, -s), v. [Norse tutra, to quiver, shake.] (webplay: fall, old).

  1. Shake; tremble; vacillate.
  2. Walk unsteadily; move shakily.

touch, n. [OFr touche, stroke, blow, touch.]

  1. Actual contact; handling with fingers; ministering with hands.
  2. Act of striking a musical instrument; use of hands in order to produce melodic sound.
  3. Feeling; tactile sense; ability to come into physical contact.

touch, v. [OFr tochier, to touch.]

  1. Caress; fondle; handle slightly with fingers or hands.
  2. Reach; attain; come to.
  3. Come into physical contact with.
  4. Sip; bring into contact with the lips.
  5. Move; disarm; affect emotionally; soften feelings of.
  6. Encounter; discover; arrive at; [fig.] heal; bless; hallow; sanctify; consecrate.
  7. Induce; motivate; influence; impel; prompt.
  8. Use any portion of.
  9. Play; strum; strike in order to create sound.
  10. Turn to gold by contacting with finger like the fabled King Midas.

tourist, n. [ME tour, tool for describing a circle, a turner's wheel.] (webplay: turn).

Traveler; one who makes a round-trip journey.

toward, adv. [see toward, prep.]

Forth; forward; onward; ahead.