Lexicon: tearful – Tell

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tearful, adj. [see tear, n.]

  1. Wet; watery; flowing.
  2. Weepy; lachrymose; close to crying; welling up with tears; affected with strong emotion.

tease (-s), v. [see teaze, v.]

teaze (-d, -s, -ing, tease, teases), v. [OE tæsan, tear or pull to pieces, tease wool, etc.]

  1. Vex; bother; annoy; irritate by persistent solicitation; [fig.] beg; plead; ask; request; [metaphor] comb; cadge; card; seek; forage; scrounge; rummage; search thoroughly.
  2. Haunt; stir; disturb.
  3. Tempt; tantalize.

teazing, verbal adj. [see tease, v.]

Vexing; tempting; taunting; enticing.

technicality, n. [L. < Gk.]

Point; detail; term; expression peculiar to a particular subject.

telegram (-s), n. [Gk. 'at a distance' + 'to write'.]

Message; news sent by telegraph.

telegraphic, adj. [Greek roots meaning, at a distance, and, to write.]

Abbreviated; truncated; transmitted from a distance via electricity.

telescope (-s), n. [Fr. < L.]

  1. Omniscient being; deity who sees everything.
  2. Optical instrument; magnifying lens for viewing heavenly bodies; scientific tool for making distant objects appear nearer and larger.

telescopic, adj. [see telescope, n.]

Peering; invasive; pertaining to one who sees everything; having the ability to make distant objects appear nearer and larger.

Tell, proper n. [OE tęllan, relate, say, count, speak.]

William Tell (14th century); main character in Friedrich Schiller's poem; Swiss hero forced to shoot an apple off his son's head; legendary rebel who refused to bow to bailiff Gessler's hat in the town square.