Lexicon: tell – ten

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tell (-ing, -s, told), v. [OE.]

  1. Inform; report; let know.
  2. Assure; comfort; convince; soothe; console.
  3. Recount; narrate; recite.
  4. Calculate; compute; figure; reckon.
  5. Announce; declare; disclose; divulge; reveal; expose.
  6. Mention; reveal; disclose; admit.
  7. Command; order; require.
  8. Say; explain; verbalize; express in words.
  9. Understand; comprehend.
  10. Repeat; utter again and again.
  11. Confide in; trust with confidential matters.
  12. Ask; petition; request.
  13. Speak; express; articulate; pronounce.
  14. Communicate; convey; transmit; impart; [polyptoton of tell, tale, and told from the same root].

teller (-'s), n.

Narrator; bard; one that recounts a story; [fig.] preacher; evangelist; missionary.

temerity, n. [L. temeritas.] (webplay: rashness).

  1. Unstoppable force; [fig.] ravages of time; dissolution due to ageing.
  2. Perseverance; persistence; tenacity.
  3. Assertion; boldness; audacity.
  4. Shock; travesty; appalling reality; unjust sentence.
  5. Obstinacy; spirited stubbornness.

temper, n. [OE < L.]

Force; strength; power; anger; violence; fury; [fig.] corruption; degeneration; disruptive elements such as wind, weather, and so forth.

temperature, n. [L. temperātūra.]

  1. Degree of cold or hot; measure of warmth and coldness.
  2. Environment; condition; state of weather; level of atmospheric factors; contraction of a body due to lower caloric input.

tempest (-s), n. [OFr < L. 'season, weather, storm'.] (webplay: wind, rain).

  1. Violent wind associated with a storm.
  2. Torrent; downpour; rainstorm.

temple (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Place of religious worship; House of the Lord in Jerusalem (see Mark 11:11; John 10:23).
  2. Body; tabernacle of flesh; [fig.] person; personage of divine holiness; human being with intrinsic worth.
  3. Human body.
  4. Dome; shrine; elevated structure; [fig.] sky; heaven.

temptation (-'s), n. [OFr.]

  1. Enticement; [personification] someone who bribes another.
  2. Trial; tribulation; [fig.] earth; mortality; material existence.
  3. Allurement; that which appears to be good but is actually dangerous.

tempted, verbal adj. [OFr 'to handle, touch, feel, test'.]

Enticed; lured; influenced; experiencing an urge.

ten (-s), n. [OE, tien.]

  1. Five times two; the combined number of digits on the two feet of a human being.
  2. More than twenty; less than hundred; an indefinite number.