Lexicon: tattered – tear

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tattered, verbal adj. [ON.] (webplay: torn).

Rent; torn; hanging in rags.

taunt (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [origin obscure.]

Provoke; tease; censure; reproach in a sarcastic, scornful, or insulting way; .

tawdry, adj. [short for 'tawdry lace', showy but cheap lace in the 17th century.] (webplay: grace).

Cheap; pretentious; showy; cheaply adorned; decked out; gaudy without real value.

tawny, adj. [ME.]

Yellowed; tanned; aged; darker; discolored with brown, yellow, or orange.

tax, n. [L. taxāre, censure, charge, tax with a fault; rate, value, reckon, compute, make a valuation of; impose a tax.]

Assessment; toll; levy; compulsory fee; money collected to support government; sum imposed on persons based on property, income, and so forth.

tea, n. [Fr. thé.]

Light evening meal; late afternoon supper; social gathering in one's home where hot drinks and food are served.

teach (taught), v. [OE tæcan.]

  1. Exhibit; expose; actualize; make evident.
  2. Tell; instruct; enjoin; [fig.] order; require; command; [followed by a direct object.]
  3. Rehearse; [followed by an indirect object ].
  4. Cause to learn; cause to know about; [followed by an indirect object ].
  5. Pass on knowledge of; [followed by a direct object.]
  6. Show; present to; demonstrate to; communicate to; [followed by an indirect object ].

team, n. [OE 'team, bridle', also 'progeny, family, line of descendants'.]

Line; series; lineage; group of descendants; [polysemy] joint action; set of horses; beasts that pull a coach, chariot, wagon, cart, sled, or sleigh; [fig.] tracery; outline; etching; drawing along.

tear (-s), n. [OE téar.]

  1. Crying; weeping; [fig.] sorrow; sadness; grief.
  2. Manifestation of weeping; droplet that forms in the eye.
  3. Show of feelings; expression of deep emotion.

tear (-s, tore, torn), v. [OE ter-an, to destroy, consume.]

  1. Rave; rage; rant.
  2. Rip; sunder; rend; split; rupture.