Lexicon: Thomas – though

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Thomas, proper n. [Gk < Aramaic te'ōma, twin.]

Early Christian saint (A.D. ? - ca. 72); twin brother of Matthew; disciple willing to follow Jesus even unto death; follower known as the “doubting apostle” because he wanted direct evidence of Christ's resurrection (see John 20:24-29); apostle who took the gospel to Persia and India; [fig.] empiricist; scientist; one who believes by fact not faith; (see ED's letters).

Thomson (-'s), proper n. [possibly ED's spelling of “Thompson”; see Thomas, proper n.]

James Thomson (1700-1748); author of The Seasons that includes an “Autumn” section with the lines “Crown'd with the sickle, and the wheaten sheaf”; or, John O. Thompson (1782-1818); or, James Oren Thompson (1834-1917), author of the hymn “The Call for Reapers” that includes the lines “Send them now the sheaves to gather” and “Gather now the sheaves of gold.”

thorn (-s), n. [OE þorn, thorn.]

  1. Spine; point sharp outgrowth; small goad on a plant stem; puncturing feature found on the branches of some plants.
  2. Burr; nettle; thistle; [fig.] source of suffering; cause of shame.
  3. Spur; prickle; spear; lance; [fig.] the weapon used to pierce the side of Jesus Christ; [metaphor] hurt; injury; agony; anguish.
  4. Bramble; spine; [metonymy] crown; circlet of plaited thorns; spiked wreath similar to the one that enemies placed on the head of Jesus to mock him (see Matthew 27:29); [metaphor] wound; bruise; [fig.] affliction; trial; trouble.

thorough (-ly), adv. [disyllabic < OE þurh, through.]

  1. Completely; fully; perfectly; wholly.
  2. Extensively; amply; sweeping; all encompassing.
  3. Absolutely; entirely; totally.
  4. Very much.

those, demonstrative pron. [OE.]

The people; the participants; members of a congregation; [referring to a group of human beings.]

thosoever (tho'soever), [see those, demonstrative pron. + soever, adv.]

However; no matter how much; although ever so much.

tho't, v. [see think, v.]

thou (-'rt), pron. [OE ðū; second person singular in the nominative case; used formally in poetic style and scripture register, or in familiar language by the Quakers.]


though (tho'), adv. [OE ðéah.]

Really; truly.

though (tho, tho'), conj. [see though, adv.]

  1. In spite of being; regardless of having; accepting the condition that it is.
  2. Nevertheless; however; even when; and yet; but still; [marks a clause that contrasts with the meaning of a previous clause.]
  3. Albeit; even if; inasmuch as; being that; supposing that; granting that.