Lexicon: suitor – summertime

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suitor, n. [see suit, v.]

A caller; someone who propositions; someone seeking a relation with someone or something else; someone seeking a specific end.

sulk (-ed), v. [L. 'to plough, furrow'.]

To be sad about something; to bury oneself or hide and wallow in sorrow.

sullen, adj. [later form of solein.]

Gloomy; pliable; bendable.

sullied, adj. [Fr. souiller, to soil.]

Soiled; dirty; stained; tarnished; impure.

sulphuret (-s), n. [L. 'sulphur'.]

Combination of elements using sulphur; charcoal.

sum (-s), n. [OFr < L. 'higher'.]

  1. The amount of the total of the addition of two or more parts, monetary or time.
  2. The value or worth of something.
  3. The cost of the sacrifice of something.

sum (-s), v. [see sum, n.]

  1. Count; add; total up.
  2. Comprise; condense; encompass.
  3. Equal; total.

summer, adj. [see summer, n.]

Sunny; warm; verdant; estival; having good weather; pertaining to the growing season of the year.

summer (-s, -'s), n. [OE 'half-year'.]

  1. Warmer weather.
  2. Season before the cool weather comes; [kenning: “summer's brows”] crops; harvests; garden yields; fields and foliage.
  3. Warmth; light; verdure; long days; [fig.] affection; enlightenment; sustenance; endless delight.
  4. Period of the year with most daylight.
  5. Gathering season; [fig.] celestial glory; resurrection day; the kingdom of God (see Luke 21:29-31).
  6. Time when many flowers bloom; [personification] a well-dressed woman; a fastidious matron; a reverent person.
  7. Prime; bloom; time of life-giving forces; [fig.] life; lifetime; life span.
  8. Glorious season; lovely time of the year; [fig.] delightful day; time of complete joy.
  9. Growing season; time in the northern hemisphere when plants, flowers, and other living things flourish; [personification] a Bride decked in flowers for her wedding day.
  10. Season comprising June, July, and August in the northern hemisphere; June 21st through September 20th; time period of about three months.
  11. Warmest season; time of the year between spring and fall.
  12. Fullness; high point of the seasons; time of longest days; period of most light in the year; [word play on “sum”] auditor; accountant; one who casts up an account (see NW's definition “one who casts accounts”).
  13. Phrase. “Summer's full”: Midsummer; time of most sunlight in the calendar year; solstice that happens about June 21st each year in the northern hemisphere of the earth.
  14. Phrase. “Indian Summer”: (see Indian, proper adj.) reprisal; period of warmer weather in autumn; time of summer temperatures in the fall season of the year.

summertime, n. [see summer, n. + time, n.]

Season of sunshine; time of flowers and fruits in the fields.