Lexicon: shallow – shape

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shallow, adj. [OE 'shoal'.]

Superficial; not deep; having little extension in a downward direction.

shalt (shal't), v. [see shall, v.]

sham, n. [of obscure origin; see shame, n.]

  1. Fiction; illusion; pretense; trick; hoax; make-believe; fairy tale.
  2. Fraud; fake; imposter; deceiver; pretender.

sham, v. [see sham, n.]

Feign; affect; simulate; pretend to experience.

shame, n. [OE 'to be ashamed'.]

  1. Disgrace; dishonor; loss of dignity.
  2. Crime.
  3. Pity.
  4. Modesty; shyness; embarrassment.
  5. Humility; low status; lack of reputation.
  6. Ignominy; infamy; loss of esteem.

shame (-d, -s), v. [see shame, n.]

  1. Embarrass.
  2. Repudiate.

shameless, adj. [see shame, n.]

Impudent; audacious; immodest; insensible to disgrace.

shant, v. [see shall, v.]

Will not; [contraction of “shall not”; negated modal auxiliary for future aspect.]

shanty (shanties), n. [Fr. chantier, place where one sleeps or puts certain things to store them.]

Cabin; hut; shack; small roughly-constructed building.

shape (-s), n. [OE 'creation, make, structure, natural character; form, figure, configuration'.]

  1. Body; mortal frame.
  2. Form; mass; outline.
  3. Posture; dance position.
  4. Appearance; aspect; manifestation; stage of being.
  5. Shadow; phantom; ghost.
  6. Spirit; dead person; departed being.