Lexicon: Santa Claus – satiety

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Santa Claus, proper n. [Dutch Sante Klaas, Saint Nicholas.]

Father Christmas; giver of presents; patron saint of children and unmarried women; jolly man who fills children's stockings with gifts on Christmas Eve; holiday personage having a white beard and wearing a red suit; imaginary being who is said to bring presents to people at Christmas time (see ED's letters); [fig.] altruist; benefactor; philanthropist; provider; charitable person; benevolent Being.

sap (-ped), v. [Fr. saper.]

Undermine; weaken; render insecure by removing the foundations of.

sapling, n. [OE.]

Young tree.

sapphire, adj. [OFr < Gk.σάπφειρος, lapis lazuli.]

  1. Dusky; deep azure; like a precious stone of beautiful transparent blue with a star-like glimmer; [fig.] starry; star-lit; sparkling; glittering; glimmering; shining with points of light.
  2. Phrase. “Sapphire Fellows”: bluebird; bluejay
  3. Phrase. “Sapphire Farm”: blue heaven filled with stars; [kenning] universe; solar system; galaxy; Milky Way.

Sappho, proper n. [Possibly < Gk sappheiros, sapphire.]

Greek lyric poet (born c. 625 B.C.); female author of love poetry; ancient writer from the island of Lesbos.

Sarah, proper n. [Heb. 'princess'.]

Sarah Taylor; or Sarah Gray; or Sarah S. T.; probably Sarah Tracy (born 1834), the daughter of Thomas Tracy and Betsy Emerson; friend of ED's; alias “Virgil” in ED's circle of fellow students; dear noble obedient young woman; (see ED's letters).

Satan, proper n. [L. < Gk < Heb. 'opponent' < 'to attack, to accuse'.] (webplay: man).

Lucifer; the devil; the adversary; the tempter; the supreme evil spirit; enemy of God and all good; (see ED's letters).

sate (-d), v. [L. 'enough'.]

Satisfy; gratify; fill; meet; fulfill.

sated, verbal adj. [see sate, v.]

Satisfying; gratifying; fulfilling.

satiety, n. [Fr. < L. 'abundance, enough'.] (webplay: pleasures, want, weariness).

  1. Affluence; luxury; abundance; gluttony; over-indulgence.
  2. Excess; surfeit; indulgence; intemperance; self-gratification.