Lexicon: spaciously – sparkle

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spaciously, adv. [see spacious, adj.]

Grandly; expansively; [word play on “graciously] with much courtesy.

spade (-s), n. [OE; closely related to Gk. 'wooden blade, paddle, sword.]

Long-handled digging tool; shovel for excavating a burial site in a cemetery; [fig.] instrument associated with grief, sorrow, or death.

span (-s), n. [OE; Du. 'to unite, fasten'.]

  1. Period; amount of time.
  2. Area; space.
  3. Scope; circumference; sphere of influence; range of existence.

spangle (-s), n. [Du. 'clasp, buckle, brooch'.]

Sequin; sparkling element; small round piece of glittering metal; [fig.] rain drop; bright reflections of light and water.

spangled, adj. [see spangle, n.]

  1. Adorned; decorated; covered with sparkles; [fin.] shining; glittering; glistening.
  2. Fancy; bejeweled; variegated; multifarious; many-colored; [fig.] royal.

spaniel, n. [OFr 'Spanish dog'.]

Submissive person; one who seeks something.

spar, n. [MDu.] (webplay: ships, throw).

Top-mast; ship's pole; wooden post; length of timber; ship's broken beam supporting a shipwrecked person in danger of drowning.

spare (-d), v. [OE.]

  1. Relinquish; do without; give up.
  2. Exempt; excuse; relieve; protect from having to undergo.
  3. Share; give; have an extra one.
  4. Avoid; abstain from; hold back; do not indulge in.
  5. Save; deliver; present; [word play on “spar”] span; stretch across; extend a line through.
  6. Phrase. “to spare”: extra; available; in addition; as a surplus.

spark (-s), n. [OE; of obscure origin.]

sparkle (-d, -s, sparkling), v. [see spark, n.]

Twinkle; glitter; shine in the light like a gemstone.