Lexicon: supremacy – surge

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supremacy, n. [see supreme, adj.]

Greatness; mastery; highest authority; superior power.

supremacy, n. [see supreme, adj.]

  1. Greatness; prominence; significance.
  2. God; a ruling and reigning being above and beyond death; existence beyond mortality; (compare this use of “Supremacy” with “Supreme” in Poem 455: “When Truth … Advance unmoved – to Her Supreme – / Her God – Her only Throng”. In Webster's 1844 entry for “supremacy,” he makes reference to the “supremacy of the king [of England] in spiritual affairs” both in his example for definition 1 and in the definition of the phrase “Oath of Supremacy.” Could ED be making a connection with this earthly king's “supremacy” over the pope, and God, the heavenly king's supremacy over death and mortality? Poem 1565 was written, apparently, after Gilbert's death, so I think this might be the connection she was pointing to).

supreme (-r, -st), adj. [L. 'above'.] (webplay: crown, God, king, love, renounce).

  1. Greatest; most grand; the best.
  2. Divine; Godlike.

surcingle (-s), n. [sur + cingle, OFr < L. girdle]

Band; belt; saddle; blanket laid over a horse's back.

sure (-r), adj. [OFr < L. , without + cūra, care.]

  1. Safe; secure.
  2. Trustworthy; steadfast; not liable to disappoint expectation.
  3. Settled; firmly established; not liable to be destroyed.
  4. Certain; assured; confident; having no doubt.

surely (sure), adv. [see sure, adj.]

  1. Steadfastly; consistently.
  2. Certainly; undoubtedly.

surety (sureties), n. [see sure, adj.]

  1. Security of contract, right, or possession.
  2. Reassurance; encouragement; claim of good conditions.

surface (-s), n. [Fr. sur, upon + face, face.]

Visible plane; external layer; outside appearance; superficial dimension.

surfeit, v. [Fr. < L. sur, over + facěr, to do.]

Over-indulge; partake in excess; feast upon until it causes sickness; fill with disgust because of consuming too much.

surge, n. [L. 'to rise'.]

Billow; swell; bulging push of water; large cresting waves; [metonymy] sea; ocean near the shore.