Lexicon: syndicate – system

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syndicate, n. [Fr.'office of syndic'; It. 'rendering of accounts, order, permission'.]

Council; group.

synod (-s), n. [L. < Gk. 'assembly, meeting'.]

Councils where the purpose is to define or come to understand the mysteries of God or nature.

synonyme, n. [L. < Gk. 'syn + nameless'.]

Word having the same meaning; lexical item having a similar significance; content morpheme that has the same denotation but different connotations.

syntax, n. [L. < Gk. 'to arrange'.]

Due order of words within a sentence; the relation between words which helps established meaning of the sentence.

synthesis, n. [L. 'a collection, set of suit' < Gk. 'composition, logic'.]

Combining of elements to form a new whole.

system (-s), n. [L. 'musical interval, the universe, body of the articles of faith' < Gk. 'organized, whole, government, constitution'.]

  1. Pattern; order; organization to enhance understanding.
  2. Assemblage; placement of things into a complete and regular whole.
  3. Proper arrangement; regular order of things.