Lexicon: smile – smooth

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smile (-d, -s, smiling), v. [ME.] (webplay: face, favor, joyous, kind, love, pleasure, plenty).

  1. Show a happy face; make a facial expression to show pleasure, amusement, affection, joy, love, or kindness; [fig.] rejoice; express gratitude.
  2. Smirk; grin; mock; laugh at someone.
  3. Nod; [fig.] wave; billow; flow.
  4. Greet with a sweet countenance.
  5. Bend; bow; curve.
  6. Sneer; express contempt; make a scornful look of pleasure at another's discomfort.
  7. Discharge; spark; arc; go off.
  8. Loving glance; period of attentive cultivation.
  9. Glow; radiate warmth and light; [fig.] remember; recollect.
  10. Phrase. “smile opon”: endure cheerfully.
  11. Phrase. “smile upon”: humor; look with indulgence at.
  12. Phrase. “smile at”: accept; indicate willingness to face.

smiling, verbal adj. [see smile, v.]

Happy; cheerful; agreeable; easy-going; blissfully ignorant.

smiling, verbal n. [see smile, v.]

Happiness; joy; gladness; gratitude.

smite (-s, smote), v. [OE 'throw, strike, smear, excrete'.] (webplay: cheek, fling, life, stone, strike).

  1. Ignite; strike a match for; light a fire using.
  2. Strike hard; [fig.] affect profoundly; make a deep impression.

smith (smit), v. [OE]

Construct; build; fashion; forge; [word play on “smite/smote”] deprive; strip; strike off.

smitten, verbal adj. [OE 'throw, strike, smear, excrete'.] (webplay: cheek, fling, life, stone, strike).

  1. Stricken; wounded in a deer hunt; hurt by a pointed weapon such as an arrow or spear; [fig.] bleeding; killed by force; (see Numbers 20:11 and Isaiah 53:4-5 “we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God … he was wounded for our transgressions”).
  2. Desolate; devastated; blighted; ruined; laid waste.

smoke, n. [OE.] (webplay: dust, face, fires, man, mouth, throw).

  1. Fumes; toxic gas; thick vapor emitted as a result of combustion.
  2. Vapor; haze; mist; fog; cloud layer; atmospheric substance that impedes sight.
  3. Chimney vapor; hearth emissions; [fig.] signs of life.

smoke (-ed), v. [see smoke, n.] (webplay: chimneys, house).

Produce vapor; emit byproducts of combustion.

smooth, adj. [OE.]

  1. Stony; cold, glossy, and hard like marble; [fig.] paralyzed; senseless; suspended; in shock; lacking feeling, thought, or sensation.
  2. Deep; even; constant; becalmed; unperturbed; not troubled; without agitation.

smooth (-ed), v. [see smooth, adj.]

  1. Comb; arrange; brush; pat down; put in order; get any tangles out of.
  2. Reduce; ease; assuage; comfort; console; press away wrinkles of agony.
  3. Soothe; compose; reduce any irregularities.