Lexicon: six – skim

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six, adj. [OE.]

  1. Five plus one; half a dozen; the number next after five.
  2. Phrase. “six o'clock”: evening time; 18:00 hours in the twenty-hour period of day.
  3. Phrase. “By six” [with ellipsis of “o'clock”]: in the early morning; approaching 6:00 hours in the twenty-hour period of day.

sixpence, n. [see six, n. + pence, n.]

Small coin; piece of silver; sum of six pennies; [fig.] minor fee; small charge; little amount of money to pay.

size, n. [OFr < assise sitting, seat, siege, settlement of appointments, act of setting assessments, manner of regulations.]

  1. Quantity; [fig.] significance; importance.
  2. Measure; [fig.] type; kind; sort.
  3. Extent; expanse; expansion.
  4. Dimension; proportion.
  5. Weight; gravity; burden; load.
  6. Capacity; diameter; circumference; [fig.] worth; meaning.
  7. Amount; sum; [fig.] value.
  8. Stature; height.
  9. Bigness; greatness; grandeur; [fig.] growth; maturation; increase; incremental development.
  10. Magnitude; scope; perspective.
  11. Area; domain.

skater (-s, -'s), n. [Du. < OFr 'stilt'.]

Person gliding on ice; someone wearing blades on their feet for traveling over frozen water.

skein, n. [OFr escaigne, of obscure origin.]

  1. Bunch of yarn; hand-wound reel of woven fibers; little knotted bundle of long threads; [fig.] prismatic bands of light; cluster of colorful lines.
  2. Quantity; certain length; set amount of yarn that unravels.

skeptic (sceptic), n. [Fr. < L. 'inquiring, reflective' < Gk 'to look out, consider, watchman, mark to aim at'.]

Philosopher; seeker after truth; one who doubts the possibility of real knowledge of any kind.

skepticism, n. [L. scepticismus, the doctrine of the Sceptics.]

Doubt; disbelief; incredulity; agnosticism; incertitude; uncertainty of knowledge; second-guessing of one's emotions.

skill, n. [ON skil, distinction, difference.]

  1. Art; craft.
  2. Clockworks; time keeping; [fig.] excellence; precision; finesse.
  3. Medical knowledge; surgical precision.
  4. Practice; technique; facility; proficiency.
  5. Special intervention; supernatural power; ability to do something unique.
  6. Counting; calculating; mathematics knowledge; adding and subtracting.
  7. Wisdom; insight; knowledge of truth.
  8. Power; ability to achieve one's goal; [fig.] death.
  9. Tact; diplomacy; discretion.
  10. Right; authority.
  11. Dexterity; reach; ability to grasp.

skillful (skilful), adj. [from skill + full, having practical ability, possessing skill.]

Able; accomplished; capable; competent; supple; graceful.

skim, v. [OFr escumer.]

Separate liquid from matter; remove the cream to make butter; [fig.] absorb golden yellow wavelengths of light; [word play] float; move lightly.