Lexicon: shrivelled – shutter

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shrivelled, verbal adj. [origin unknown; possibly Sw. skryvla, to wrinkle.]

Desiccated; wrinkled; dried up; reduced in size, volume, or extent.

shriven, verbal adj. [OE 'allot, assign, decree, adjudge, impose as a sentence, impose penance, regard, care for' < L. scribere, to write.]

  1. Confessed; sentenced to death; [fig.] absolved; forgiven; sanctified; purified; vindicated.
  2. Washed; cleansed; rinsed; baptized; fully immersed in water; [fig.] immortal; beyond death.

shroud, n. [OE 'fittings, furniture, ornaments, kind of textile fabric, state clothing, attire' < Gr. 'to cut'; see shred, n.] (webplay: dead).

  1. Sheet; pall; winding cloth; material for covering a dead person; [fig.] sunset.
  2. Garment; veil; article of clothing.

shroud (-ed), v. [see shroud, n.]

Dress; cover; conceal as with bridal attire.

shrub, n. [OE 'shrubbery, underwood'.]

Bush; perennial woody plant smaller than a tree; vegetation with several woody stems growing from the same root.

shrunken, verbal adj. [see shrink, v.]

Contracted; ebbing; [fig.] aged; venerable.

shudder, v. [ME 'to shake'.]

  1. Tremble with fear; shiver with abhorrence; tingle with horror; shake with dread.
  2. Move; waver; stir; [fig.] rotate; change incrementally; wax and wane; [possibly a noun] movement; growth in stages.

shun (shunned, shunning, -s), v. [OE, obscure origin.] (webplay: company, decline, God, shoals).

  1. Eschew; keep out of sight of.
  2. Avoid; turn down.
  3. Deny; doubt; refuse to accept.
  4. Abandon; desert; forsake.
  5. Reject; decline.
  6. Defer; remit; postpone.
  7. Ostracize; censor; cast out.
  8. Fail to greet; abstain from welcoming.
  9. Turn away from.
  10. Forego.
  11. Keep away from.

shut (-ting, -s), v. [OE scyttan, obstruct, shut up.] (webplay: bolts, door, eye, eyes, faith, gate).

  1. Close; bring together the outward covering parts.
  2. Close itself; be closed.
  3. Deny entrance by closing; hinder coming in or going out by means of.
  4. Exclude; preclude.
  5. Make inaccessible.
  6. Confine; prevent; stop.
  7. Cease; suspend an operation.
  8. Fold; gather together.
  9. Phrase. “Shut down”: close by lowering.
  10. Phrase. “Shut up”: confine; imprison.
  11. Phrase. “Shut the door”: stop communication.
  12. Phrase. “Shut down”: suppress.
  13. Phrase. “Shut the Door”: reject association with others.
  14. Phrase. “Shut out”: exclude; keep away; prohibit entrance; refuse admittance; deny admission to.
  15. Phrase. “Shut in”: confine.
  16. Phrase. “Shut up”: confine by legal or moral restraint.
  17. Phrase. “Shut the Door”: leave this world.

shutter, n. [see shut, v.]

Small door; wooden window covering.