Lexicon: sobbing – sofa

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sobbing, verbal n. [see sob, v.]

Lament; weeping; crying; bawling; mourning.

sober (-er), adj. [OFr < L. opposite of ebrius, drunk.]

  1. Somber; [fig.] not hypothetical; less speculative.
  2. Serious; weighty; important; significant; meaningful.
  3. Plain; simple; moderate; conservative; modest.

soberly, adv. [see sober, adj.]

Staidly; gravely; steadily; calmly; quietly; [fig.] less exhilarated; with diminished elation; in a non-intoxicated manner.

sobriety, n. [Fr.; see sober, adj.]

Austerity; calmness; moderation; modesty.

socially, adv. [Fr. < L. 'friend, companion, associate'.]

Among others; by class; on a social scale.

society, n. [OFr < L. 'companion'.]

  1. Community; order; organization; [fig.] expanse; infinity.
  2. Fellowship; visiting; social relations; meeting with callers; interaction with other people.
  3. Company; association; shared existence.
  4. Companionship; communion; friendship; acceptance.
  5. Phrase. “selects her own Society”: decides on the visitors that she wants to have; [possibly reflexive] assigns only herself as company; appoints her solitary self to be her only companionship; [fig.] dies; passes away.

socket (-s), n. [AFr < soc, ploughshare.]

  1. Tube; fixture.
  2. Alveolus; container; candle holder; hollow place which holds something; [fig.] heart; center of emotion.

sod, n. [Middle Dutch; possibly 'turf used as fuel'.]

  1. Lawn; grassy area; [fig.] graveyard; cemetery plot.
  2. Dirt; soil; humus; [metonymy] planting bed.
  3. Ground; field; meadow; farm; wide open space.
  4. Earth; [fig.] ignorance; unknown.
  5. Crust; terra firma; [fig.] brain; mind.
  6. Phrase. “Sod Gown”: farmland; brown landscape; [kenning] western horizon.

soe'er (soever), adv. [see so, adv. and ever, adv.]

  1. Whatsoever; wherever; however; no matter what.
  2. Notwithstanding; even if; no matter if.

sofa, n. [Fr.]

Couch; padded bench; narrow bed; piece of furniture raised off the ground upon which one may sit.