Lexicon: station – stead

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station, n. [Fr. < L. stāre, to stand.] (webplay: days, God, rest, stand, state).

  1. Stopping place; depot.
  2. Posted guard.
  3. Assigned duty; post; occupation.
  4. Rank; position; social status; condition in life.

station (-ed), v. [see station, n.]

  1. Place; locate.
  2. Stand; spend time at a location.

stature (-s), n. [OFr < L. 'to stand'.] (webplay: height).

  1. Height.
  2. Bodily form; physical build.
  3. Physical condition.

statured, adj. [see stature, n.]

Having full stature.

status, n. [L. 'to stand'.]

Rank; place; social position.

statute (-s), n. [Fr. < L. 'decree, decision, law'.] (webplay: law).

Mandate; regulation; law made my legislative authority; fixed authoritative contract.

staunch, adj. [OFr 'watertight'; It. 'exhausted, weary'.]

Tight; constructed firmly; steadfast; unswerving; faithful.

stay (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [L. stāre, to stand.]

  1. Withstand; defy; resist; restrain; delay; hold back; keep from proceeding.
  2. Last; endure; continue a long time.
  3. Abide; tarry; not return.
  4. Set; place; rest; stand.
  5. Sit; pause; hesitate.
  6. Settle; sink in; pile up in layers.
  7. Remain; stick around; refuse to leave.
  8. Survive; live through winter; do not migrate to warmer lands; [fig.] keep living; do not yet die.
  9. Linger; dally; spend time.
  10. Dwell; exist; [fig.] be hung; be secured; be displayed; be fixed permanently.
  11. Stop; halt; check; arrest; make cease; [fig.] drown.
  12. Support; hold; sustain; back; endorse.
  13. Keep burning; [fig.] remain alive.
  14. Phrase. “stay away”: forbear; abstain; not come near; desist from arriving; refrain from approaching.

St Domingo (Domingo), proper n. [Sp. < L. 'holy to the Lord'; poss. named after Domingo, the father of Columbus, or for Sunday, the 'day of the Lord'.]

Hispaniola; St. Dominique; Carribean island that Columbus encountered in 1493; island of the Greater Antilles; nation of the Lesser Antilles; capital city of the Dominican Republic; marine land mass containing the Dominican Republic and Haiti; [fig.] tropical paradise of butterflies, fruits, and pleasing scents; (see ED letters).

stead, n. [OE 'place, town'.]

Phrase. “in their/its stead”: in their/its place; in lieu of them/it; in the same location as them/it; as a replacement for them/it.