Lexicon: somehow – song

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somehow, adv. [see some, adj. + how, adv.]

  1. In one way or another.
  2. In a way that is undetermined.
  3. Inevitable.

someone, pron. [see some, adj. + one, n.]

  1. Specific person; a different person that the one we would like to talk about (that wasn't you).
  2. A non specified person.

something, adv. [see something, n.]

  1. In some point; in some degree.
  2. A little, not completely.

something (-'s), n. [see some, adj. + thing, n.]

  1. A kind of person or thing that belongs to a place or group were everything has similar characteristics.
  2. An indeterminate thing or feeling; an unknown event or thing.
  3. A part of.
  4. An inexplicable thing.
  5. A small part; a certain part.

sometime (-s), adv. [see some, adv. + time, n.]

  1. At one time or another; now and then; on a particular occasion.
  2. One thing at one occasion, another thing at a different occasion.
  3. A past time, once.

somewhat, adv. [see somewhat, n.]

More or less; indeterminate quantity.

somewhat, n. [see some, adj. + what, pron.]

  1. A part; greater or less.
  2. An uncertain amount; thing of unspecified nature.
  3. A certain amount.

somewhere, adv. [see some, adj. + where, adv.]

  1. In, at or to an unspecified, indeterminate place.
  2. In one place or another.

son, n. [OE.]

  1. Male heir; young man ready to marry.
  2. Male offspring of deity.
  3. Heir; descendant; successor.
  4. Male child; little boy.
  5. Creature; child; offspring without reference to gender.
  6. Result; product; consequence.
  7. Phrase. “Son of God”: Savior; Redeemer; Jesus Christ (see Matthew 26:63); first-born only-begotten male child of Heavenly Father and Mary of Nazareth; divine man who experienced suffering, mediated sin, and overcame death for all humankind because he is the offspring of an eternal father and a mortal mother; (see Daniel 3:25; Matthew 4:3).

song, n. [OE; see sing, v.]

  1. Music; singing; vocal rejoicing; [fig.] joy; gladness; celebration; festivity.
  2. Birdcall; [fig.] lyric poetry; metrical verse.
  3. Voice.
  4. Buzzing sound; [fig.] ode.