Lexicon: sagacity – sainted

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sagacity, n. [Fr. < L., see sagacious, adj.]

Shrewdness; wisdom; acuteness; mental discernment; aptitude for investigation; talent for discovery; keenness of intellect; soundness of judgment.

sage (-est), adj. [Fr. < L. sap-ěre, to be wise, to know.]

Wise; discreet; judicious.

sage (-s), n. [see sage, adj.]

Philosopher; scholar; professor; wise man; learned person; one of sound judgment; [fig.] poet.

Sahara, proper n. [Arabic şahrā, desert.]

Great desert; arid wilderness of Libya; place where sands move like the surges of the ocean; place of caravan routes for wealthy trade between Asia Minor and northern Africa (see ED letters); [fig.] death; desolation; despair; hopelessness; existence without purpose.

said, v. [see say, v.]

sail (-s), n. [OE segel, poss. 'hold, have, conquer'.]

  1. Spread of canvas; heavy fabric sewed to the masts to catch the wind by which a ship is driven.
  2. Voyager; vessel; traveler.
  3. Ship; vessel made to travel on water.

sail (-ed, -ing, a sailing), v. [see sail, n.]

  1. Travel on water; move in a vessel propelled by wind upon sails; navigate a boat in a specified direction; [fig.] sojourn; make a journey; travel homeward; [metaphor] live; explore.
  2. Depart; start on a voyage; to leave the port or the place of anchorage.
  3. Fly; float; hover.

sailor (-s, -'s), n. [Gr. segler, sailer; see sail, n.]

  1. Traveler; one who takes voyages.
  2. Seaman; mariner; professional navigator on a ship; member of a ship's company below the rank of officer.
  3. Butterfly; moth; bee; flying insect that seeks pollen.
  4. Fisherman; sewer of sails for a boat; [fig.] disciple; apostle; one who had previously left his work to follow the Lord; [allusion] betrayer; Judas Iscariot.
  5. Traveler; person making a voyage.

saint (-s, -s'), n. [OFr < L. sanctus, enact, ratify, devote, consecrate.]

  1. Angel; holy one; blessed spirit; heavenly messenger; divine being; inhabitant of paradise.
  2. Redeemed person; saved one; blessed individual; sanctified human being; mortal rescued from physical and spiritual death by the atonement of Christ.
  3. Christian; godly person; member of a church; one who is committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  4. Early Christian; member of the original church of Christ; apostle, prophet, martyr, or bishop mentioned in scripture.
  5. Deceased person; departed loved ones; those who have passed the tests of mortality.

sainted, adj. [see saint, n.]

Sanctified; consecrated; holy; like an angel; [humorous tone] blessed.