Lexicon: seal – season

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seal (-ed), verbal adj. [see seal, v.] (webplay: engraved, hand).

  1. Frozen; nipped; frost-bitten.
  2. Royal; authoritative; official.
  3. Nominated; elect; chosen; beloved; promised; covenant; [fig.] marked with the Lord's name on the forehead; having a sign of righteousness; (see Revelation 7:3, 9:4, 14:1, 22:4).
  4. Closed off; impossible to go back through.
  5. Airtight; hermetic; bottled and capped; tightly closed to preserve; [fig.] impervious to outside influences.

seam (-s), n. [OE 'to sow'.] (webplay: a hem, coat, cloth, floor, joint, needle, to become, to sew, without).

  1. Ripple; flaw; rift.
  2. Joint; group of petals in a bud.
  3. Hem; stitching; line of stitches; edge where pieces of fabric are joined.
  4. Vein; stratum; deposit of ore.
  5. Row; furrow; [fig.] shift; accomplishment; time of productivity.
  6. Layer; vein.
  7. Bond; binding; [fig.] deathbed; grave site; cemetery plot.
  8. Chink; fissure; crack.

seamless, adj. [see seam, n.] (webplay: measure).

Smooth; boundless; unconfined; immaculate; bottomless; without crevice; not marked by anything.

sear (sere), adj. [OE; see sere, adj.]

Brown; dried up; [fig.] dull; serious; lifeless; [possibly a noun modified by the substantive “Innuendo”] burning; fire; scar from a burn.

sear (-s), v. [OE searian, to dry.]

Blight; burn; scorch; cause to wither; [fig.] kill; remove sustenance from.

search, n. [AFr 'seek' < L. circare, to go round, circle.] (webplay: place, report, to find, unknown).

  1. Investigation; scrutiny; attempt to locate, detect, track down, pin down, or lay hands on; [fig.] possession; ownership; occupancy.
  2. Phrase. “in search of”: looking; in a quest for; desiring to discover; going in all directions in order to find.

search (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [see search, n.] (webplay: more, to inquire, to try).

  1. Seek to discover; desire to obtain.
  2. Examine; look in a penetrating manner.
  3. Look; seek; [fig.] pine for.
  4. Expect; await.
  5. Explore; study; research; investigate.
  6. Probe.

searching, verbal adj. [see search, n.] (webplay: dead, death, knowledge, lost).

Inquiring; hoping; hunting; questing.

seashore, n. [see sea, n. + shore, n.]

Beach; strand; land bordering on the sea.

season (-s, -'s), n. [ME < L. sati┼Źn-em, act or time of sowing, seed-time.] (webplay: climate year, cold, days, fit, nature, sun, spring, summer, winter, time).

  1. One of the four equal three-month periods of the year; climate-based time periods known as spring, summer, fall, and winter.
  2. Ideal place and time.
  3. Period of time; instance characteristic of a class, group, sort, or kind.
  4. Time; portion; set of days.
  5. Summer.
  6. Years ago; long period of time; several units of time.