Lexicon: seventeenth – sewing

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seventeenth, adj. [OE.]

Ordinal number corresponding to the numeral 17th; date of the month on the calendar, sometimes written as the cardinal number 17.

seventy, adj. [OE.]

Having seven tens of; amounting to the numeral 70; [kenning: “Seventy Years”] a lifetime; a human being's average life span.

several, adj. [AFr < L. 'separate, distinct'.]

  1. A few; two or three; a handful of.
  2. Customized; respective; particular; specific; distinct.
  3. Different; separate; individual; unique; various; diverse; assorted.
  4. Many; multiple; numerous; plural.
  5. Phrase. “several of”: a good many.

severally, adj. [see several, adj.]

Separately; individually; successively; collectively; in turn.

severe (-r, -st), adj. [Fr. < L.]

  1. Stoic; clinical; impersonal; not emotional.
  2. Rigorous; demanding; exacting; disciplined.
  3. Plain; unadorned.
  4. Harsh; strict in condemnation; firm in punishment; grim in making judgment.
  5. Pointed; piercing.

severe, adv. [see severe, adj.]

  1. Rigorously; strenuously; arduously; with heavy labor.
  2. Tersely; curtly; abruptly; with little explanation.

severity, n. [see severe, adj.]

Coolness; chilliness; cold manner; wintry aspect.

Sevres, proper n. [L. Savara, boundary river between two tribes < pre-IE sav, hollow + root ar, water.]

Porcelain; piece of china; fine glass dish; table service named after a community near Paris, France; [fig.] body; mortal frame.

sew (-ed), v. [OE siwian, needle, thread, suture.]

Stitch; crochet; knit; make lace; fasten threads together; attach strands with a needle and thread; [fig.] weave; make a web.

sewing, verbal adj. [see sew, v.]

Dainty; delicate; intricate; exquisite; of quality for making fine textiles.