Lexicon: sentenced – separation

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sentenced, verbal adj. [see sentence, n.] (webplay: pause).

Punished; convicted; penalized; condemned; [word play on the noun “sentence”] inscribed; thoughtful; insightful; earnest; [fig.] worried; wrinkled with concern.

sentiment (-s), n. [OFr < L. sentīre, feel.] (webplay: mind).

  1. Feeling; opinion; musing; reflection; view; thought; personal concern.
  2. Sympathy; affinity; compassion; positive feelings; expression of fondness; token of affection.

sentinel (-s), n. [Fr. 'watch-tower' < It.]

Sentry; guard; watchman; designated protector; [kenning: “Nature's sentinels”] creatures; birds.

sepal, n. [Fr.]

Perianth; part of a flower's calyx; green envelop that holds a blossom; division of the leafy cup from which flower petals grow.

separate, adj. [L. sē- + parāre, make ready, prepare.] (webplay: apart).

  1. Individual; special; specific.
  2. Split; divided; segregated; distanced; not adjoining.
  3. Different but adjacent; contiguous but not the same.
  4. Distinct; unique; particular.

separate, adv. [see separate, adj.]

Apart; away; elsewhere.

separate, v. [see separate, adj.]

Divide; disjoin; set apart; [word play, adj.] distinct; disunited; peculiar.

separated, verbal adj. [see separate, adj.]

Divided; disjoined; split up; [fig.] divided by death.

separating, verbal adj. [see separate, adj.]

Parting; departing; leaving; withdrawing.

separation (-'s), n. [OFr separation < L. sēparāre.]

  1. Detachment; withdrawal; removal.
  2. Farewell; goodbye; departure from a loved one.
  3. Schism; segregation; division; disunity; [fig.] death.