Lexicon: suspense – swan

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suspense (-'s), n. [AFr 'in abeyance, deferring, delay'; see suspend, v.]

Wonder; anxiety; uncertainty; restlessness; fear about a future result.

suspicion, n. [AFr < L. 'to suspect'.]

  1. Thought; idea; guess of something that might be.
  2. Hope; imagination of something good to come.

suspicious, adj. [OFr < L.; see suspicion, n.]

Mistrustful; untrusting; cynical; skeptical.

sustain (-ed, -s), v. [AFr < L. sub + ten─ôre, to hold.]

  1. Hold up; support; keep from falling down.
  2. Suffer; endure; bear; undergo something harmful.

sustenance, n. [see sustain, v.]

  1. Support; subsistence; [fig.] life.
  2. [Fig.] privilege.

swagger (-s), v. [prob. Scand. 'to sway'.]

Boast; brag; act conceited.

swain, n. [ON sveinn, boy, servant, attendant.]

Young herdsman enchanted by a woman's beauty.

swallow (-ed, -s), v. [OE swealh.]

Disclose; devour; engulf.

swamp (-s), n. [poss. Germ. 'sponge, fungus'.]

Low lying land that is wet and spongy.

swan (-s), n. [OE; poss. 'to make music'.]

Pure white swimming bird symbolizing whiteness, purity, and beauty.