Lexicon: stream – strict

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stream (-s), n. [OE 'to flow'.]

  1. Flood; spring; [fig.] mass; congregation; crowd; large group of people.
  2. Brook; spring; flow; rivulet; small river; water course; current of water; [fig.] drift; passage; course; way forward.

street (-s), n. [OE < L. strāta, to lay down, to pave.]

  1. Road; paved way; [fig.] public place.
  2. Highway in New England.
  3. Path; [fig.] method; access.

strength, n. [OE stręngðu; see strong, adj.]

  1. Ability of a living thing to move itself or another.
  2. Firmness; solidity; power; vigor; spirit.

strengthen (-ing, -s), v. [see strength, n.]

  1. Make strong.
  2. Encourage.

stress, n. [OFr < L.; see strait, adj.; see distress, n.]

Force; urgency; pressure.

stretch, n. [see stretch, v.]

Extension; unfolding; reaching out.

stretch (-ed), v. [OE 'strait, rigid, stiff, to have extension, spread out, severe, harsh, unconnected'.]

  1. Grow; unfurl; elevate; move higher; lift upward towards the light; [fig.] stand on tiptoe.
  2. Extend; draw out; pull to greater length; [fig.] stress; make tense.
  3. Mature; develop; expand spiritually.

strew (-s), v. [OE < L. stratum, something spread or laid down, throw down.]

Scatter; spread; shower loosely.

stricken, adj. [see strike, v.]

  1. Struck; smitten.
  2. Advanced; worn.

strict (-er, -est), adj. [L. 'drawn together, tight, severe, rigid'.]

  1. Severe; rigorous; governed by exact rules; observing rigorous standards; [fig.] confined; limited; with no room for free movement.
  2. Strained; tight; tense; not relaxed; drawn close; [fig.] exact; accurate.