Lexicon: sore – sound

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sore (-r), adv. [see sore, adj.]

Intensely; acutely.

sorrow, n. [OE.]

Grief; sadness; distress of mind.

sorrowful, adj. [see sorrow, n.]

Distressed; oppressed; unhappy; regretful.

sorry, adj. [OE, 'sore, pained, sensitive'.]

  1. Pitiful.
  2. Sad; distressed; full of grief.

sort, n. [OFr 'lot, share, fortune, condition'.]

Kind; entity; type of being.

Soto, proper n. [Sp. 'grove'.]

Hernando de Soto (A.D. ca. 1496-1542); Spanish explorer; early governor of Cuba; adventurer in the Americas; husband of Inés de Bobadilla; traveler in Panama, Nicaragua, Peru, and later Florida.

sought, v. [see seek, v.]

soul (-s, -'s), n. [OE; ultimate origin uncertain.] (webplay: reason).

  1. Person; human being.
  2. Heart; spirit; [fig.] bravery; courage; inner fire.
  3. Self; inner being; spiritual essence; rational faculty of human; immortal substance in a person.

sound (-est), adj. [OE.]

  1. Heavy; weighty.
  2. Deep; profound.

sound, adv. [OE.]

Completely; totally; [phrase “sound asleep”] dead; hard to awaken.