Lexicon: sudden – suffice

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sudden, adj. [AFr < L.]

  1. Unexpected; unforeseen; unlooked for; not prepared for.
  2. Quick; fast and strong; happening in a short time.
  3. Prompt; startling; surprising; producing an immediate result.
  4. Immediate; not delayed.

sudden, adv. [see sudden, adj.]

  1. Immediately; without delay.
  2. Without warning; all at once.
  3. Instantly becoming; in a short time converting to.

suddenly, adv. [see sudden, adj.]

Immediately; without warning; all at once.

suddenness, n. [see sudden, adj.]

  1. Surprise; Immediacy; abruptness; precipitancy.
  2. Ability to act quickly.

Sue, proper n. [shortened form of “Susanna”; see Susan.]

Susan Huntington Gilbert Dickinson (1830-1913); best friend; sister-in-law; next-door neighbor of ED; wife of Austin Dickinson; (see ED's letters).

sue (-d, suing), v. [AFr < L. 'to follow'.]

  1. Look or search for something; seek.
  2. To ask for; to request; to demand; to insist.

suffer (-ed, -ing), v. [AFr < L. ferre, to bear.]

  1. Bear a burden; live through an affliction; hurt; feel the effects of affliction or tribulation.
  2. Permit; allow for something; forgive.

sufferer, n. [see suffer, v.]

A passerby; mortal; repentant soul; humbled soul.

suffering, n. [see suffer, v.]

  1. The state of loneliness; state of sadness; state of undergoing something difficult or painful or burdensome.
  2. A difficult challenge, burden, or time in one's life.
  3. The act of passing through pain; feeling the weight of something difficult.

suffice (-d, -s, -th), v. [OFr < L. sub + facěre, to do, to make.]

  1. To be enough or adequate for a purpose or end.
  2. To satisfy.
  3. To supply.