Lexicon: subtraction – such

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subtraction, v. [L. sub + trahěre, to draw or carry.]

Debit; minus; withdrawal; removal; taking away; [fig.] death; demise; killing; assassination.

suburb (-s), n. [OFr < L. urbs, city.]

  1. Reprieve; dwelling; a place or state away from the chaos.
  2. The extremities of something's natural environment, a place where all parts are comfortable.

succeed, v. [OFr or L. 'to go under, go up, come close after, go near'.]

To achieve a particular goal; to excel in something; reach the desired effect.

succeeding, adj. [see succeed, v.]

Something to come; something in the future; following.

success, n. [L. 'to succeed'.]

The state of having accomplished a goal, or something that people recognize as great, the state of having reached a desired point.

successful, adj. [see success, n.]

Always achieving the desired result; always achieving success.

successor, n. [OFr < L. 'to succeed'.]

A thing that follows; the result.

succor, n. [ME.]

Mercy; leniency.

such, adj. [OE.]

  1. So much; this kind of; to this extent of.
  2. Phrase. “such and such”: this kind or that kind; [reference to a person, place or thing not explicitly specified.]
  3. Phrase. “such a thing as”: anything like; anything comparable to; [reference to the following noun.]
  4. Phrase. “such a”: a similar; of like quality.
  5. Phrase. “such a”: so rare; so fine in quality; [intensifier for the noun following].

such, pron. [see such, adj.]

  1. The previously described or specified; the person or thing being mentioned.
  2. Replaces the persons or things being mentioned.
  3. Standing predicatively at the head of a sentence or clause and referring summarily to a statement or description just made.