Lexicon: secrete – security

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secrete (-d), v. [L. 'to separate'.]

  1. Hide; conceal.
  2. Abscond; cover; remove from observation; [fig.] veil; represent; symbolize; typify.

secreted, verbal adj. [see secrete, v.]

Hidden; concealed; invisible; not yet apparent; [fig.] unsettling because unseeable; worrisome because covert; ominous because unknown.

secreting, verbal n. [see secrete, v.]

Hiding; concealing; veiling; shrouding.

section, n. [Fr. < L. 'to cut'.]

Domain; realm; sphere; area separated from its surroundings due to its distinct character.

secure (-st), adj. [L. sē-, without + cūra, care.] (webplay: alarmed, care, danger, enemy, fear, free, secure against).

  1. Assured; confident; unafraid; free from fear; not subject to danger.
  2. Real; sure; certain; true; firm; guaranteed.
  3. Safe; guarded; protected; sheltered; impregnable; inviolable; unassailable; free from being taken by an enemy in an attack.

secure (-d, -s), v. [see secure, adj.]

  1. Keep; bar; prevent.
  2. Seize; grasp; apprehend.
  3. Tether; leash; tie.
  4. Protect; guard; keep; make safe.
  5. Earn; merit; deserve.

securely (securer, securest), adv. [see secure, adj.]

Confidently; fearlessly; assuredly.

securer, adv. [see secure, adj.]

More surely.

securest, adv. [see secure, adj.]

Most safely, surely, or certainly.

security, n. [see secure, adj.] (webplay: assault).

  1. Safety; protection; [fig.] calmness; composure; remission; reprieve; respite; alleged inertness; supposed inactivity.
  2. Confidence; assurance; insurance; condition of freedom from fear.