Lexicon: saucy – Savior

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saucy, adj. [Fr. < L. salsa, salted.]

Rude; disrespectful; impertinent; impudent; insolent; smug; flippant; [affectionate tone] carefree; feckless; fickle; mercurial; quicksilver; unreliable; not dependable.

saunter (-ed, -ing), v. [Of obscure origin. Fr. sauntrer, to venture oneself.]

  1. Visit; call upon; put in an appearance; [fig.] grow; spread across the ground.
  2. Stroll; meander; dawdle; wander; roam; walk casually; [fig.] step out; move into a new phase of life.

sauntering, adj. [see saunter, v.]

Strolling; promenading; aimless; relaxed; given to leisure; not in a hurry.

sauntering, n. [see saunter, v.]

Stroll; walk; promenade; journey.

savan (-s), n. [Fr. savant, to know < L. 'to be wise'.]

Scholar; learned; sage; scientist; intellectual; knowledgeable person.

save, conj. [OFr sauf, being excepted.]

Except; but; excluding; unless.

save (-ed, -s, -ing), v. [OFr < L. 'to save'.] (webplay: death, eternity, house, lost, rescued, sailor, tide).

  1. Reserve; withhold; keep; safeguard; collect; lay up.
  2. Exclamation; greeting; benediction.
  3. Preserve; retain; sustain; support.
  4. Prepare for heaven; rescue from sin; allow to be with God.
  5. Rescue; liberate; deliver; free.
  6. Prevent; stop; avert.

saved, verbal n. [L. salvia, to save.]

  1. One who is rescued; ones who are redeemed; person who is preserved from death, danger, damnation, etc.
  2. Saints; departed loved ones; those who pass on to Heaven.

savior (-s), n. [OFr < L. salvāre, to save.] (webplay: called, death, men, opened, saves).

Rescuer; deliverer; liberator.

Savior (-'s), proper n. [OFr. < L. < salvāre, to save; see savior, n.] (webplay: called, death, opened, saves).

Christ; Lord; Redeemer; Messiah; son of God; Jesus of Nazareth; Christian deity who died and rose again to save all people; immortal one who rescues the world from sin and death (see Luke 2:11 and ED's letters).