Lexicon: steadfast – stealthy

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steadfast, adj. [OE; see stead, n. + fast, adj.]

Fixed; reliable; secure in position; [fig.] faithful; unwavering; honest.

steadfastness, n. [see steadfast, adj.]

Constancy in belief, fidelity, or affection.

steadily, adv. [see steady, adj.]

  1. Carefully; deliberately; in a focused manner; with great concentration.
  2. Impassively; unstirred; without much emotion; [fig.] tearlessly; without shedding a tear.

steady, adj. [ON 'stable'; see stead, n.]

  1. Firm; steadfast; upright; [fig.] courageous; confident; not nervous.
  2. Regular; continuous; wakeless; not digressing.
  3. Plain; changeless; undisturbed; monotonous; seemingly endless.
  4. Phrase. “Steady”: be calm; fear not; stay composed; [probably a reflexive imperative verb phrase with “steady” as adjectival complement and ellipsis of the “you” subject and the “be” verb] you be steady.

steady, adv. [see stead, n.]

Resolutely; without hesitation; not looking back.

steal (-s, stole, stolen), v. [OE stelan.] (webplay: withdrew).

  1. Remove; withdraw; take something away from it's owner without consent.
  2. Approach; draw towards.
  3. Phrase. “steal out”: make an unexpected appearance.

stealing, verbal n. [see steal, v.]

Going; leave-taking; secret departure; [polysemy] robbery; taking away something without consent.

stealth (-'s), n. [ME; see steal, v.] (webplay: stealing, secret, stole).

  1. Secret practice; confidential promise; private act.
  2. Furtiveness; privacy; secrecy; taking surreptitiously; [word play on “stealing”] misappropriation; [amelioration] silence; reverence; sacred feelings; intensely personal feelings.

stealthily, adv. [see stealth, n.]

Secretly; slyly; cunningly; surreptitiously.

stealthy, adj. [see stealth, n.]

Sly; secret; private; having something to hide.