Lexicon: starving – statesman

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starving, verbal adj. [see starve, v.]

Hungry; famished; perishing because of lack of food.

starving, verbal n. [see starve, v.]

Hunger; famine; starvation.

state, adj. [see state, n.]

Covered; inundated; soaked.

state, n. [OFr < L. status, manner of standing, condition, to stand.] (webplay: dignity, estate, grandeur, high, mind, modest, monarchs, nations, pomp, rank, throne).

  1. Tranquility; peace.
  2. Pomp; grandeur; dignity.
  3. Condition; manner of existence; role; rank.
  4. Region; political body; government.

state (-d, -s), v. [see state, n.] (webplay: express, set, tell, witnesses, words).

  1. Tell; explain to.
  2. Make clear; identify.

stated, adj. [L. status, appointed, fixed, regular.]

Established; fixed; non-fluctuating; regularly occurring.

stately (statelier, statlier), adj. [see state, n.] (webplay: grand, majestic).

  1. Portentous; meaningful; important; significant; consequential; crucial.
  2. Distinguished; honorable; imperial.
  3. August; serious.
  4. Magnificent; splendid.
  5. Arrogant; proud.
  6. Enormous; immense.
  7. Elevated in sentiment.
  8. Honest; virtuous; modest.

stately, adv. [see state, n.] (webplay: majestically).

  1. Completely; utterly; absolutely; perfectly.
  2. Majestically; wonderfully; elegantly; loftily.

statement (-s), n. [see state, v.]

  1. Pronouncement; utterance; declaration; fact; sentence.
  2. Announcement; proclamation; prophecy.
  3. Existence; expression; definition; description; purpose; condition of being.
  4. Account; report; story; scripture passage (see Genesis 5:24).
  5. Speech; oration; declamation; [fig.] noise; sound.

statesman (-'s), n. [see state, n. + man, n.]

One who takes a leading part in the affairs of a state or body politics; landholder.