Lexicon: simultaneously – sing

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simultaneously, adv. [see simultaneous, adj.]

Concurrently; at the same time.

sin, n. [OE 'offence, wrong-doing, misdeed'; related to L. sons, guilty.]

  1. Transgression; wrong-doing; violation of moral principle.
  2. Iniquity; evil-doing; wickedness; breaking commandments in the divine law.

sin (-s), v. [see sin, n.]

Transgress; do wrong; commit evil deeds; break the commandments; violate moral principles.

since, adv. [OE sithan, to pass, to go.]

  1. From that time till now continuously.
  2. Within the period between then and now.

since, conj. [see since, adv.]

  1. Because; seeing that; it being true that.
  2. As; like; just as.

since, prep. [see since, adv.]

During the period between a specified time and now.

sincere (-er), adj. [Latin 'clean, pure, sound'.]

  1. Honest; straightforward; undeceiving; serious; in earnest; speaking plainly; telling the truth.
  2. Clear; pure; true; real; genuine.

sincerity, n. [see sincere, adj.]

Honesty; integrity; truth-telling; good character.

sinew (-s), n. [OE.]

  1. Ligament; insides; flesh and blood; internal organs and muscles; [fig.] emotions; feelings.
  2. Muscle; nerve; tendon.
  3. Brawn; [fig.] power; strength; intense energy.
  4. Physical support; [metonymy] arm; [fig.] aid; help; service; back up.

sing (-eth, -ing, -s, sang, sung), v. [OE.]

  1. Chant; intone; [fig.] inspire; breathe into.
  2. Lament; bemoan; bewail; keen for grief; [fig.] complain about loneliness.
  3. Chirp; warble; trill; tweedle; produce a tune; make musical sounds.
  4. Praise; rejoice vocally; worship audibly.
  5. Modulate vocally; inflect the voice; [fig.] communicate lyrically; make melody; recite poetry.
  6. Vocalize; [fig.] express resignation.
  7. Go caroling; participate in choral music; [fig.] take part in nature's cyclical melodies and harmonies.
  8. Oscillate; emit sound; breathe audibly; vibrate with life force; [fig.] give signs of lingering life before winter takes over.
  9. Whine; [fig.] emit high-pitched noise.
  10. Shout; exclaim; call out; cry aloud; make a joyful noise; express feelings of wonder; (see Isaiah 54:1); [fig.] declaim; proclaim the word; write original verse; compose unusual lyrical poetry.
  11. Hum; provide melody.
  12. Emit beauty; express loveliness; utter the sublime.
  13. Make music; play a tune on a string instrument such as a violin; [fig.] be composed; stay calm; function normally; be of good cheer.
  14. Pray through music; make melody with voice projection; communicate solemnly through musical sounds.
  15. Thunder; resound; rumble; reverberate; make a loud low noise; [metaphor] preach; prophesy; speak from the heavens; [word play on the verb “singe”]: hiss; sizzle; zap; make a sibilant noise; [fig.] scorch; strike with fire; burn with an electric charge.
  16. Exult; giving thanks.
  17. Announce; enunciate; speak; declaim; report; declare; make known by singing.
  18. Ring; peal; hoot; release a sound with a certain pitch.
  19. Petition; desire; long for; wish strongly; ask for immortality through hymns.