Lexicon: saith – same

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saith, v. [see say, v.]

sake, n. [OE sacu, affair, lawsuit, enmity, guilt.]

  1. Regard; benefit; gain; welfare; consideration.
  2. Purpose; motive; cause.

salary, n. [Fr. < L. salārium, money allowed to Roman soldiers for the purchase of salt, hence, their pay.]

Wage; earnings; fixed payment of employment; compensation for regular work.

sale (-s), n. [OE < ON 'to sell'.]

Business; action of selling to another for a price; exchange of a commodity for money.

sallow, adj. [OE salo, discolored, dirty, dark-colored.]

Yellowed; not colorful; [fig.] dim; dirty; dusty; sickly; worn out.

salubrious, adj. [L. salū-s, health + ous.]

Wholesome; promoting health.

salute, n. [Fr. < L. 'to salute, health, safety, salvation'.]

  1. Greeting; salutation; standard wish for health; gesture of respect, such as lifting one's hand to the heart; utterance by which a person acknowledges the presence of another.
  2. Formal military greeting; conventional display of weaponry.

salute (-s, saluting), v. [L. salūtāre, health.]

Greet; address by name; express words of good wishes, respect, or homage.

salvation, n. [OF sauvacion < L. 'to save'.]

Rescue; life-saving; deliverance from drowning.

same, adj. [ME < ON.]

  1. Identical; equal; just like.
  2. Similar; comparable.
  3. Unchanging; actual.