Lexicon: September – seraphic

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September (-'s), proper n. [L. < septum, seven.]

Ninth month of the year; seventh month of the old Roman year; [fig.] autumn; harvest time.

sepulchral, adj. [L. sepulcr-um.]

  1. Ominous; deep in the ground like a tomb; [fig.] low; profound; resounding; resonant; reverberating; [metaphor] thundering; thunderous; booming.
  2. Burial; funereal; tomb-like; solemn; somber; pertaining to death and the grave.

sepulchre, n. [OFr < L. sepelīre, to bury.] (webplay: bury, dead, grave, human).

  1. Chrysalis; butterfly's case.
  2. Tomb; crypt; funeral vault.
  3. Winter.
  4. Grave; [metonymy] graveyard; cemetery.

sepulture, n. [OFr < L. sepultūra, burial.]

Burial; entombment; inhumation; [fig.] winter; time of underground dormancy.

sequel, n. [OFr < L. 'to follow'.]

Epilogue; encore; postscript; addendum; supplement; follow-up; subsequent performance; succeeding narrative; [fig.] resurrection; restoration; restitution; after-life.

sequence, n. [L. 'to follow'.]

Succession; contiguity; linking; [fig.] logic; reason; rational thought; associative mental function; ability to connect ideas.

sequester (-ed), v. [L. 'to place in safe keeping, to remove, to separate'.]

Set apart; [fig.] exempt; free; protect; shelter.

sequestered, verbal adj. [see sequester, v.]

Private; cloistered; sheltered; retired; secluded.

seraph (-im, -s, -'s), n. [L. < Heb.]

  1. Angel; spirit; heavenly being; personage of light; [fig.] dear one who has died; lovely person who has passed away.
  2. Flying insect; winged creature; [personification] bee; butterfly.
  3. Holy Ghost; Spirit of God; divine messenger.
  4. Bird; [fig.] cloud bank; [metaphor] winter month.
  5. Member of the highest order of angels; one of the celestial beings hovering above God's throne in Isaiah's vision (see Isaiah 6:2,6).

seraphic, adj. [see seraph, n.]

  1. Angelic; cherubic; paradisaical; heavenly; other-worldly.
  2. Winged; flying; airborne.
  3. Divine; godlike; sublime; awe-inspiring; [fig.] unspeakable; paralyzing.