Lexicon: stimulate – stir

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stimulate (-d), v. [L.]

  1. To excite, rouse, or animate to action by means of a motive.
  2. To prick or goad.

stimulus, n. [L. 'goad'.]

That which produces a quickening of energy and strength of action.

sting (-s), n. [see sting, v.]

  1. Anything that gives acute pain.
  2. The sharp pointed instrument with which a bee uses to pierce another animal or being to pain them.

sting (-s, stung), v. [OE 'to stab, to pierce, to stick'.]

To pain acutely.

stinging, adj. [see sting, v.]

With acute pain causing abilities.

stint, n. [OE styntan, to blunt, dull, to check, to stop.]

  1. To restrain, bind or confine.
  2. A task or allotment for a given time.

stintless, adj. [see stint, n.]

Without limits or bounds.

stipulate, v. [L.; poss. 'to be firm, to pack tightly'.]

Specify; demand; bargain for.

stipulus, n. [L.]

Agreement; covenant.

stir, n. [see stir, v.] (webplay: bustle, raised).

  1. Stimulation of mind or spirit; evocation of emotion; elevation of feeling.
  2. Movement; [fig.] opening.
  3. Disturbance; commotion; disorder; upset; disruption.