Lexicon: skip – slain

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skip (-ped), v. [Sw. < ON skopa, to take a run, leap.]

  1. Omit; neglect; pass over; deliberately miss; intentionally forego placing flowers at.
  2. Ignore; forget.
  3. Dance playfully; jump around; leap for joy.

skipper, n. [Du. see ship, n.]

Boat captain; master of a ship; leader of a crew of sailors; [fig.] parent; guide for other human beings; [word play] youth; young man.

skirmish, n. [OFr scrimmmage.]

Clash; conflict; confrontation; petty fight; [fig.] encounter with Cupid or Eros.

skirmish (-ing), v. [OFr.]

Confront; clash; collide; meet violently.

skirt (-ed, -ing, -s), v. [ON.]

  1. Run close to; sail along the edge of.
  2. Border; lie on the edge of.
  3. Avoid; go around.

sky (skies), n. [ON, 'cloud, shade, shadow'.] (webplay: approaching, blue, cloud, color, day, earth, head, heaven, high, vault, weather).

  1. Horizon; view of earth's atmosphere; vault over the surface of the earth; [fig.] point of view.
  2. Visible dome where the sun appears in the day and stars appear at night; [plural] the heavens; [metaphor] the hereafter; the next life.
  3. Purview; perspective; [fig.] realm; domain.
  4. Good weather; [fig.] summer time.
  5. Heaven; celestial regions; domain of Deity.
  6. Atmosphere; air above; [fig.] weather; atmospheric conditions.
  7. Cosmos; universe; macrocosm; all that exists beyond the earthly realm.
  8. God; deity; [plural] heavenly beings; powers that be.
  9. Firmament; vault; apparent arch of space between the earth and outer space.
  10. Expanse; daybreak; [fig.] glory; enlightenment; infinite delight.
  11. Divine dwelling place; home on high.
  12. Air currents; [fig.] flight zone.
  13. Place above; [fig.] roof; ceiling.
  14. Chief domain of birds; natural habitant of flying songbirds.
  15. Cloud cover; upper bank of water vapors.
  16. Dawn; aurora; sunrise; daylight; dayspring.
  17. Vista; vision; panorama; prospect.
  18. Phrase. “pouting skies”: rain; cloudy weather.
  19. Phrase. “evening sky”: sunset; late afternoon horizon.
  20. Phrase. “morning sky”: sunrise; early morning horizon.
  21. Phrase. “Handsome Skies”: better world; [kenning] heavenly domain; celestial kingdom.

slack (-er), adv. [OE.]

Insufficiently; more weakly; with less power.

slack (-ed), v. [see slack, adv.]

Slow down; lose rapidness.

slacken (-s), v. [see slack, adv.]

Hover; linger; levitate; delay; go more slowly.

slain, n. [see slay, v.] (webplay: stone).

Dead; murdered; crucified.