Lexicon: straightway – strangle

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straightway, adv. [see straight, adj.]

  1. Completely; entirely; directly; spontaneously.
  2. Suddenly; immediately; instantly; at once; in very little time.

strain (-s), n. [see strain, v.]

Song; melody; tune.

strain (-ed, -s), v. [OE 'to bind tightly, clasp, squeeze' < L. strigere, to draw tight.]

  1. Filter.
  2. Sing; make music; [fig.] write poetry.
  3. Stretch.

strait, adj. [ME < OFr 'tight, close, narrow, distress'.]


strait (-s), n. [see strait, adj.]

Channel; narrow passage; [fig.] partly cloudy skies.

strand (-s), n. [Obscure origin; poss. OFr estran, rope.]

The lines or cords of a spider's web.

stranded, v. [Du. 'to run aground'.]

To drive or force aground.

strange (-r, -st), adj. [OFr < L. 'external, foreign, outside, without'.] (webplay: below, depart, extremes, foreign, heard, known, looking, odd, tongues, wild).

  1. Odd; extraordinary; singular; peculiar; uncommon; out of the ordinary; different.
  2. Unexpected; ironic; unforeseen; surprising; unusual.
  3. Exceptional; brilliant; resplendent; extraordinary; fantastic; magnificent.
  4. Unknown; unfamiliar; foreign; alien.

stranger (-'d, -'s, -s), n. [see strange, adj.] (webplay: another, bear, country, foreigner, multitudes, neighboring, province, sun, town, unacquainted, unknown, world).

  1. Unknown person; non-acquaintance; non-associate; [fig.] one who cannot be trusted; enemy.
  2. Outcast; exile; unaccepted person; one who doesn't fit in; [fig.] non-believer; non-Christian.
  3. Foreigner; one who is unacquainted; newcomer; one who is unfamiliar with certain things.

strangle (-s), v. [OFr < L. < Gk. 'halter, twisted'.]

  1. Oppresses.
  2. Destroys.