Lexicon: shape – sh'd

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shape (-d), v. [OE 'to create, to fashion'.]

  1. Fold; enlace; entwine; interlace; put together.
  2. Design; have a form.
  3. Pronounce; form the words.

shapeless, adj. [see shape, n.]

  1. Formless; indefinite; [fig.] silent; inaudible.
  2. Spiritual; divine; unearthly.

share (-s), n. [OE 'cut, divide, shear, shave'.] (webplay: allotment, interest, portion).

  1. Portion; deal; allotment from nature; [fig.] appointed time; required amount.
  2. Investment; [fig.] flowers; flowerbeds; financial interest; dividend; definite portion of a property.

share (-d), v. [see share, n.]

  1. Experience with; participate in with; suffer in common with.
  2. Communicate; publish; make available for others.
  3. Have in common; divide into portions; partake of together.

sharp (-er, -est), adj. [OE scearp.] (webplay: acute, keen, pointed-edge, strict).

  1. Abrupt; sudden; without warning.
  2. Small; niggardly; stingy.
  3. Harsh; severe; [fig.] wintry; windy; cuttingly cold.
  4. Painful; cutting; scathing.
  5. Keen-witted; better suited.

shatter (-ed), v. [ME 'scatter'.] (webplay: disperse).

Break; ruin; destroy; scatter; cause to fall apart; cause to disintegrate; throw about in all directions; [fig.] diminish; decrease; reduce; disillusion.

shave (n), v. [OE.]

Scrape; trim; cut away in thin layers.

Shaw, proper n. [OE sceaga, thicket.]

Henry Shaw (about 1832-1887); son of Samuel Austin Shaw and Mary White; day laborer in Amherst who would dig for ED; [fig.] common man.

shawl, n. [Pers. shāl.]

  1. Small cape; sleeveless wrap; soft outer covering of crocheted cotton; (Dickinson was wearing a blue shawl when Thomas W. Higginson visited her).
  2. Cloak; mantle; piece of knitting; material of woven wool that a woman may wear across her shoulders as a protection from the cold.
  3. Tissue; textile; [kenning: “shawl of Pink”] blush; flush of circulating blood; reddish coloring of the skin due to embarrassment.
  4. Band; swathe; swaddling cloth; [fig.] leafage; forest foliage; red, orange, brown, or golden leaves on trees, bushes, and other plants.

sh'd, v. [see should, v.]