Lexicon: shield – shipwreck

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shield, n. [OE.] (webplay: cover, protect).

Cover; shade; [fig.] leaf; foliage.

shift, n. [see shift, v.]

Movement; slide; change in position from one direction to another.

shift (-ed, -s), v. [OE 'determine, separate, divide, classify, arrange in order'.]

  1. Change; alter.
  2. Reposition.
  3. Move; displace; cause to move.
  4. End; terminate; conclude; [fig.] die; pass on.
  5. Glide; careen; sway.
  6. Push; drive; rearrange; relocate; pile up because of wind forces.
  7. Evade; turn aside in a different direction.
  8. Drift; blow away; [fig.] die; pass on to the next life.

shifting, adj. [see shift, v.]

Changing; moving.

shily, adv. [see shy, adj.]

Gently; modestly; in a quiet manner.

shimmering, verbal adj. [Gr. 'twilight, coruscation'.]

  1. Flowing; moving without effort.
  2. Glowing; glistening.

shine (-s, shining, shone), v. [OE scĂ­nan.]

  1. Cast light; direct rays.
  2. Illuminate; give light; be bright.
  3. Beam; [fig.] be brilliant in performance.
  4. Glow; glisten; [fig.] be conspicuous; made obvious.

shining, verbal adj. [see shine, v.]

  1. Radiance; reflection; providing moonlight; illuminating the darkness of night.
  2. Beaming; giving daylight; providing light and warmth.

ship (-s), n. [OE < Fr. 'shiff' < 'boat'.]

Boat; large vessel designed for deep-water navigation.

shipwreck, n. [see ship, n. + wreck, n.]

Destruction of a boat; loss of a ship; breaking up of a craft by striking upon a rocky shoal; sinking of a vessel by violence of the sea.